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Following our successful period (2007-2018) we are involved in partnering arrangements and contracts with key clients.

The companies which have joint ventures with Soor Alrihab are:

1- Home Castle Construction, Trading, Agriculture, Industrial Company Ltd.

2- Soor Albilaad Company for General Contracting Ltd.

3- Alhandasiya Aldawliya General Contracting Company Ltd.

4- Al-Madarij Company for General contracting Ltd.

5- Emaar Almuhandiseen Co.for General Contracting Ltd.

6- Phoenix Financial Consultancy LLC.

7- Home Castle International Trading LLC.

8- Al-Ahjar Al-Kareema Company for General Trading Ltd.

9- Corel Castle Construction Company Ltd.

10- Al-Merwah Company for General Trading Ltd.

11- Al-A’abis Company for General Trading Ltd.