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Soor Alrihab Company is one of most Iraqi's brightly companies in the construction area which is characterized by persistence and planning and scientific management and specializes in construction contracting works, electrical, mechanical and communications work, it is one of companies which have high expertise in the areas mentioned above. Where it has a distinct Staffs having experienced a broad and impassioned mind is always trying to please the recipients to build a broad-based and stable of mutual trust between the customer and the company in the arena of tough competition.
Soor Alrihab company represents a group of companies operating in the areas of multi-disciplinary; The Company had execute many projects in various parts of Iraq.

The projects of this company is distributed between its structural, electrical, mechanical, communications and business terminations and decoration and road works in addition to the processing to government departments and companies with all kinds of civil services and equipment at competitive prices. The company has a distinguished Staff of consultants, engineers and technicians with long experience and competence in the areas of specialization of the company. All working tenaciously for the implementation of the obligations of the company in infinite precision, high-level performance, as well as having each company as required by the process of operational mechanisms and our vehicles, giving all the necessary equipment to complete the implementation process with quick time and less costly, and the finest quality.

Our company is characterized as a corporate group of companies with unique potential and specialization, which allows our company to cover more than a Focus on the same standard of operational efficiency and high value. It distinguishes the company that it has an engineering consultant office which named DAR ALNARJES office for General Engineering Consultants .It Supports the company in pricing issues and prepare bills of quantities and schedules of the work and supervise the work and re-design in the case of design errors. This is in addition to include the future work plan for the company to open regional branches of the company in both Canada and the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirate , Because the company has the ingredients that can make this possible.